We are an architect-led design-build company focused on spatial clarity and thoughtful details serving southern California and beyond.  We approach every project as an opportunity to redefine lifestyle and amplify the intersection of the natural and built world.  Our creativity multiplies value through our integrated approach to design and construction.

We specialize in contemporary design and construction inspired by Southern California mid-century modernists including Neutra, Shindler, Lautner, Revere Williams, Koenig. Our work expresses a minimalism design language crafted by our international team who has lived and worked in Scandinavia, Italy, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

Iterative and rigorous, our design process strives to achieve architectural harmony. Inspired by Zen minimalism and Feng-Shui, we pursue holistic, calm space.  The architects of Japan including Akira Sakamoto, Apollo, and Ando continue to inspire the spirt of our language.

We offer standalone architecture and architect-led design-build services.  We occasionally build special complex projects from architects looking for a detailed build partner.  Architects trust us to deliver their projects since we honor design and architecture. Our build team also holds degrees in architecture.

Our five step, three agreement process, outlined below, starts with our free digital discovery consult and progresses in scope from design through construction.

Step 1 –  Connect: After the free digital consult we send a pre-design questionnaire to gain further insight on the project goals, our client’s lifestyle, wishlist, priorities, and design aesthetic.  We offer an on-site Explore Session, a 2-hour live design session with our architects where we provide design consulting, code analysis and constructability review.  Subsequently, we schedule a meeting to review the custom proposal for the Concept Study, the first of three agreements in our process.

Step 2 – Conceptualize: The Concept Study involves 9 steps across 3 meetings.  This service aligns the project goals with site and jurisdictional restrictions, client wish lists and explores creative architectural design and ballpark budget ranges to set the stage for a streamlined detailed design agreement, the 2nd of our 3 agreement process.

Step 3 – Detail:
Detailed design services are offered in tiered flat fee packages from Bronze to Gold.  Most clients select Gold which includes three design development presentations, a guided selection process, permit management, and a detailed estimation process. These services are often completed while we craft construction documents and build instruments of service. The goal of this stage is to generate precise documents to accurately build the project before entering the Construction agreement, the 3rd and final agreement in our 3 agreement process.

Step 4 – Construct:
 Step 4 of our process includes full construction services with architectural guidance as part of the detailed design gold package.  Architectural guidance through construction may be added a la carte in a silver or bronze package. The goal of this stage is to build the project according to plan through our streamlined in-house construction process. 

Step 5 – Celebrate:
The final step in our process involves a small gathering at our client’s site with our team to celebrate the close of the project.  We then offer our clients to star in a short experiential film shot at the project.  After filming is complete we send a link to the video and request their review.