El Segundo Australian Modern Home


Australian Modernism

A young Australian family from Sydney who wished to expand and modernize their home selected Alloi as the architect and builder. 

Expansive warmth

The interior space flows into the exterior by way of a new large sliding door system, in a matte black finish, which doubles the size of the living room.


Creative Privacy

 The warm southern Californian beach air is invited into the home and filter through the cedar vertical screen. 


Maximal capacity

 The existing kitchen living and dining spaces were built in the 1950s as segmented and dark spaces. The Alloi team carefully designed the opening of spaces such that the kitchen became open to the dining with a 25ft long integrated counter that transforms into a work desk. 

A zone for music

Adjacent to the living room the families music zone is on display.


Landscape Architecture

 A private front yard home extension is created through a unique and considerate facade design. The home speaks to the neighborhood with an interplay of connectivity and privacy, solace, and excitement with a modest board-form concrete planter encasing a majestic olive tree and Mexican feather grass

Porosity and privacy

 Western red cedar slats intersected by a thin steel oculusa invite beachside breezes into the home and provide subtle privacy from neighbors.


A post-war Los Angles home meets a modern exterior patio space in a beachside community