Wagoya Mid-Century Modern Home


Welcome to the Gold Nugget award winning “Best Renovated or Restored Single House”  – the Wagoya House.  Named from its Japanese post and beam construction method is a transformative home remodel  nestled in Westchester, Los Angeles. This unique residence is a testament to the seamless fusion of natural materials, contemporary design, and a deep appreciation for the mid-century modern aesthetic. Designed and built for an extraordinary client who cherishes the beauty of organic elements, this home exudes elegance and harmony while embracing the principles of functionality and sustainability. 

Natural Materials and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Windows and Doors:

One of the defining features of Wagoya House is the extensive use of natural materials. Douglas fir windows and doors, offer a warm and inviting ambiance but also provide a visual connection to the surrounding natural landscape.


A custom vertical grain feature wall creates a dynamic interplay of light and shadow as the sun moves through the sky. The carefully aligned vertical panels cast captivating shadows that shift and evolve throughout the day, enhancing the visual depth and dimension of the space. As sunlight filters through the grains of the wood, it creates a mesmerizing play of light inside the home.


Taking inspiration from the iconic Eichler homes of the mid-century era, Wagoya House pays homage to their timeless architectural style. The large open living room features a striking steel and glass façade, merging the interior and exterior spaces. Natural light floods the living area, creating a sense of spaciousness and tranquility, while the panoramic views of the surrounding environment serve as a constant reminder of the home’s connection to nature.


The modern bathroom offers a tranquil and clean aesthetic that elevates the morning routine. Wall-to-wall gray tiles create a sleek and sophisticated backdrop, accentuated by a beam of morning sunlight that streams in through a strategically placed window. 

A flush integrated custom mirror reflects light and adds a touch of minimalist elegance. The satin chrome wall-mounted faucet and undermount sink countertop further enhance the clean and minimalist aesthetic with understated luxury.

A rain shower and convenient handheld attachment, allow for a customizable bathing experience. A custom recessed shampoo niche adds practicality, ensuring a clutter-free and serene space. 

The well-crafted wardrobe in the primary bedroom features vertical grain wood panels, offering both visual texture and sophistication. With touch-to-open and soft-close hardware, it provides seamless storage. In the soft morning light, the wood grain’s natural beauty shines, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


The warm-toned wood door, opening to reveal the stunning vistas of lush Southern California native landscaping, establishes a seamless connection between the interior and outdoor surroundings. This harmonious blend of refined cabinetry, warm lighting, and serene views creates a primary bedroom that exudes comfort, elegance, and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the environment

Dominating the skyline of Wagoya House is the stunning stone chimney, a captivating vertical element that contrasts with the sleek lines of the steel standing seam roof. This juxtaposition of materials represents the delicate balance between nature and modernity, paying homage to the timeless mid-century modern aesthetic while embracing contemporary design principles.



Positioned strategically to allow the southwestern sun to flood the room, sunlight dances through, casting shadows and creating a dynamic interplay between light and shadow throughout the day.  From the wide plank  oak flooring to the striking black steel pendant light, every detail has been meticulously crafted and selected to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

The use of corner glazing enhances the connection between the interior and the exterior. This design element not only provides unobstructed panoramic views of the surrounding landscape but also allows for refreshing cool breezes to flow into the space. 

Light and shadow create an ephemeral moment on the northwest entry corner as diffused silhouettes of foreground planting dance across the custom smooth metal roof edge, soffit and siding.


The integration of board form landscape feature walls serve as both a visual statement and functional elements, providing privacy and delineating outdoor spaces while harmonizing with the overall design scheme. The stone-clad entry wall, crafted to align with the principles of Feng Shui, creates a captivating first impression while seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings. 

A custom-made laser-cut metal plate adds uniqueness to the house numbers. Employing the enduring beauty of corten steel, the plate develops a rich, earthy brown patina naturally over time, eliminating the need for paint. This material choice not only imparts color to the concrete wall but also harmonizes with the inviting warmth of wooden elements.


The exterior custom concrete outdoor conversation lounge zone, conveniently located off the kitchen, serves as a serene retreat for the homeowner. Enclosed by a minimalist steel gate, this inviting space offers a sense of privacy and tranquility.  Ambient lighting emanates from beneath the benches, casting a gentle glow that enhances the atmosphere and illuminates the night sky. This outdoor oasis invites the homeowner to unwind, engage in meaningful conversations, and find solace in a soothing environment, creating a perfect respite from the demands of daily life.


The overall ambiance within the house was dark and outdated, failing to reflect the potential of the space. The front façade was visually disjointed, with a combination of red brick and white vinyl siding that clashed and created a sense of visual confusion. The multiple roof planes added to the visual disarray. 

The original home, prior to its transformative remodel, was characterized by a dated and uninspiring appearance. Wrapped in vinyl siding, the exterior lacked character and depth, while the leaky windows contributed to a lack of energy efficiency. 

Additionally, the landscape lacked flow and privacy, leaving much to be desired in terms of creating a harmonious and enjoyable outdoor experience.

alloi-architecture-wagoya-japanese-mid-century-modern-home-render-front-5 alloi-architecture-wagoya-japanese-mid-century-modern-home

Architectural renderings throughout our design process provide realistic views of the proposed design with lighting, sunlight and materials.

Wagoya House stands as a testament to the power of architecture to harmoniously merge natural elements with modern design. The combination of vertical grain Douglas fir windows and doors, the Eichler home reference with a steel and glass façade, the custom vertical wood siding feature wall, smooth trowel earth-toned stucco, board form landscape feature walls, stone-clad entry, and the stone chimney penetrating the steel standing seam roof creates a symphony of textures and materials that celebrate the beauty of the surrounding environment.

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