Dihedral house makes Dwell+


Dwell+ honors our Dihedral house project 

Dwell honors Alloi with High-performance home article on Dwell+  
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Transformative Design

The dihedral house is a transformative design build project in the Culver City-Adjacent neighborhood of Baldwin Hills.  The client’s goals were to both expand and upgrade their 1940s home within which they had lived for over 25 years.  They initially approached our firm to review a set of plans competed by a local architect for a second opinion and to prepare for the construction phase.  After a thorough review, our architectural team discovered and exposed several design and constructability concerns and several opportunities on which to expand the well being of the homeowner.  After these recommendations the clients hired our team for a complete revamp of the entire project


The existing home, as are so many 1940’s post war Los Angeles homes, was organized in a very segmented and strict plan which included separate kitchen, living, and dining spaces. Through several years of remodels the flow from room to room was only made worse, including a small 2nd story addition accessed by a dangerously steep staircase. Our clients, both of whom value family and socialization, required the new design to blend interior and exterior spaces through a  connection to their backyard. They also requested we integrate a space for a home office which they hoped to use as a guest room for their in-laws and friends. Indoor air quality, comfort and energy efficiency were also very important aspects of our clients wish lists. Last but not least, was the goal to re-vitalize and energize the front façade to increase the property value and curb appeal.

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