Hi, we're alloi.

An architect-led design-build company focused on spatial clarify and thoughtful details serving southern California and beyond.

We develop high-performance, timeless, environments.

With an advanced knowledge of the building process and encyclopedic familiarity with materials, we blend the expertise of architects, builders and custom fabricators to create understated and harmonious spaces.

Architecture to elevate the spirit and slow time

Transforming lives of modern families by creating calm, conscious homes to declutter the mind and revolutionize lifestyle, our architects specialize in crafting beautiful projects through a detailed, collaborative process.  Starting with our on-site explore session, we discuss our clients’ wish list, project goals and pre-design questionnaire which provides our clients a jump start into the design process.  Our architects and builders leverage their global expertise to create understated and profound experiences


Peaceful Activation through Clean Minimalism

Our international-focused design process incorporates Danish minimalism,  Feng Shui harmony and German performance. We foster the appreciation of life’s simple moments by opening pathways and elevating the connection to nature.


Experiential Visualizations

Our signature design process incorporates photorealistic conceptualization and virtual reality providing our clients an unmatched opportunity to experience their space before we start construction.

Advanced Animations

Through an advanced animation process our clients gain new awareness of how each architectural and interior design element works as a holistic experience.

High Performance Design

As certified high performance designers by way of the Passive Haus Association of Germany, we specialize in designing and building projects that out perform the typical home in both energy, health and experiential metrics. We provide a living experience to activate the mind and evoke meditative experiences to slow time and remove stress through timeless design and refined craftsmanship.

Detailed Construction

Leveraging years of experience in residential and commercial projects, our construction team are not only licensed general contractors, but also uniquely trained in architecture, ensuring custom details come to life .  Our design build process provides our clients with a seamless experience from start to finish providing a single source of responsibility, ensuring we build our projects as they are designed. We remove common miscommunication hurdles to streamline the construction process to achieve harmony of form, space and light.

Enjoy the journey